Monitoring and controlling the water pipelines provided by dams and ponds (preventing the troubles during initial filling process by hydraulic modelling), automation of the water treatment facility possibly existing in the beginning of the network and connection to the scada, building, automation and scada connection of the deep well pump stations (where undergroung water sources are available), horizontal pump houses, main reservoir staions and measurement points, automation of the waste water treatment facility and connection to the scada are major subjects we serve for water distribution projects.

With the experience of taking place in the SCADA project of water distribution networks of two big cities, ANKARA and KAYSERY, our staff completed the revision of 23 pump station and 1 additional pump station work in ASKY SCADA system as the subcontractor of SMS firm.

Old system was upgraded to 110 RTU in the concept of rehabilitation of KAYSERY inner city potable water scada project. Instead of existing S3 scada system, OASYS scada system, the product of the same company, was used at the Scada Center. In the system 2 server computer with backups and 3 client workstations were placed. The live I/O capacity of the system is 15.000.

Motorola Moscad RTUs and Motorola radios were used. There are 4 MCPM gateways located in the platform of system.

System includes full automatic operation. In other words, without any help of SCADA operators, deep wells, pumps and reservoirs are communicated each other and gives the needed water in each zone automatically. Even there is a problem in the center of scada, the system is not affected. And also while these are happening the system also considers the criterias for the depreciations of motors equally and the cheaper energy hours in order to provide the maximum efficiency.